Many ask about the image of the green koi. The history of our brand stared out culturally, as our principals are of Japanese heritage and the imagery of the koi is strong in that culture. A primary color would have been the ideal choice though there were no domain names avaiable meeting that requirement.  We were fortunate when we found the greenkoi.com domain name and we immediately felt it would represent our ideals well, the midorigoi – literally the green fish – being rare and highly prized among koi connoisseurs.

Assembled in August 1997, our designers and developers come form the best range of internet disciplines with over 37 years of combined experience. Our philosophy is simple and broad – find the balance between the aesthetic and functional in the media we create and produce.

Greenkoi Design uses the latest technologies and practices to insure the abilities: usability, availability and accessibility.  It is important to know that we built our careers and company on the strength of our work, not our certifications.  Certification provides a context for our skills, a benchmark for our clients to place their trust in.

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