Wisdom Tuesdays!

On Tuesday, February 13th, 20th and 27th from 12PM – 2 pm, Kate Shcrank from Old Dune Farms will be present at Green Koi to answer any cannabis questions for those that are 50+ years old. Green Koi carries the locally owned Dune Farm Pre-Rolls owned by Kate. Kate is a senior herself and understands the particular needs that those in their wisdom years might have. Additionally, our senior staff member Heather Laninga will also be present to answer any questions regarding how to use cannabis for pain management, anxiety and sleep.

This Tuesday

  • Customers that are 50+ will receive a 15% discount on their entire order.
  • Customers that are 50+ can get BOGO Treetown gummies
  • Anyone that shops with us can receive 20% off any Treetown gummy
  • Anyone can get a 10% discount on Old Dune Farm Pre-Rolls

And if you are under 50 and have cannabis usage questions we are sure that Kate will be happy to answer them.

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