Green Koi: Cannabis Products Curated With Your Optimal Wellness In Mind

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At Green Koi, we’re proud to be a premium cannabis source for the west coast Michigan community and beyond. Our mission is to curate a welcoming and warm environment that embodies the quality and therapeutic purpose this amazing plant offers.

As a proud locally-owned and operated, and truly inclusive, cannabis provisioning center, we’re here to promote medicinal and recreational products with your optimal wellness in mind. Keep reading for an overview of Green Koi’s medical and recreational menu and learn how to enhance your health and wellness through cannabis.


Better Living Through Cannabis

Especially throughout its legalization years, cannabis has become a popular, natural alternative in many health and wellness aspects. The plant was used for medical purposes dating back as far as 5,000 years, way before the advancement of technology or the buzz of legalization.

Recent research and approved studies in the last few decades have made amazing strides in the discovery of different cannabinoids and compounds in cannabis, further learning how it interacts and benefits our bodies.

Many clinical studies have suggested the use of medical cannabis to help with a variety of health conditions and diseases, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis and inflammation
  • Sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Used as an alternative to painkillers and opiates


Among the many health conditions and symptoms that can be alleviated with cannabis, there are plenty of ways to consume and receive the benefits of this plant. Oftentimes, many cannabis and hemp-based wellness products you’ll find on the market today are either full-spectrum or an isolate of a cannabinoid with powerful therapeutic benefits.

Full-spectrum cannabis products will include compounds and cannabinoids from the whole plant – including all terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids. Many medical cannabis patients will use full-spectrum products for its varying therapeutic effects, a theory known as the Entourage Effect. 

A product that is an isolate of a cannabinoid, such as a CBD-isolate wellness product, is made with this cannabinoid in its purest form. It contains no other cannabinoids or plant compounds. This extraction of the isolated cannabinoid is often done using a steam, solvent, or carbon dioxide extraction method.

The incredible thing about cannabis is that there simply is no right or wrong. Whether you choose a full-spectrum or isolate cannabis product, there are many therapeutic health benefits to cannabis for optimal wellness.


Cannabis Consumption Methods & Products

At Green Koi, we offer a medical and recreational menu with products to accommodate many self-care and wellness needs. There is a variety of consumption methods for enjoying cannabis in the most comfortable and desirable way for you:

  • Inhaling Cannabis Smoke: Cannabis flower is perhaps the most common way to consume. There are plenty of different methods of smoking cannabis –  fancy hand pipes or bowls, elaborate bubblers, or simply rolled joints. No matter what you choose, light the packed flower, inhale the smoke and enjoy.


  • Vaporizing: Vaporizing cannabis extracts has become an effective way to enjoy the inhalation of cannabis without the smoke. Cannabis extracts are often made from a concentrate oil, such as live resin, live rosin, or a cannabis distillate.


  • Ingesting (Edibles): Eating cannabis is the most common alternative to smoking it, with cannabis edible products available in all sorts of flavors and potencies! It’s important to remember the onset, duration, and effects of edibles are different from smoking or other consumption methods. The effects can last more than a few hours depending on digestion.


  • Ingesting (Tinctures): Another concentrated form of cannabis and cannabinoids, tinctures are consumed sublingually or can be infused in any beverage or food. Tinctures provide a similar onset and duration of effects like edibles – quick and long-lasting.


  • Topical Use: Cannabis topicals include anything that isn’t necessarily consumed, but applied topically for medicinal cannabis purposes. This can include salves, balms, lotions, dermal patches, and even body oils. You won’t get high from topicals, but the targeted area will feel therapeutic effects and immediate relief.


Green Koi: Operating on A Higher Vibration

At our Douglas, MI cannabis provisioning center – our friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive budtenders are always here to guide you through your health and wellness journey.


Explore the many medicinal and therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant through our exclusive menu selection today:


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