Green Koi & Goldkine – Fostering Resilience: A Unified Stand In Transforming Abuse Through Cannabis Advocacy

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Here at Green Koi, Michigan’s finest medical and recreational cannabis dispensary, and Goldkine, Michigan’s premier luxury cannabis brand, we strongly believe in the transformative power of cannabis. This power extends beyond providing exemplary products and creates a platform for positive community change.

We’ve cemented this belief by partnering with Resilience, an impact-driven organization devoted to combating and preventing domestic and sexual abuse in Ottawa and Allegan counties.


woman walking in white sand during daytimeAdvocacy Spotlight: Resilience

Resilience: Advocates for Ending Violence is a renowned nonprofit committed to eradicating domestic and sexual abuse in our communities. For 40 years, they have spearheaded trauma-informed, progressive programs and services that empower survivors, whilst working relentlessly towards dismantling systems perpetuating abuse.

About Resilience, via their website:

“In 2019, Center for Women in Transition was rebranded to become Resilience: Advocates for Ending Violence. It was our goal to create a brand that better represents the diverse population in which we live and serve. Since 1977, we’ve seen the need for help in Ottawa and Allegan counties. And we’ve grown accordingly; expanded our reach, evolved our services, and created new partnerships and programs to stop intergenerational violence once and for all. Resilience proudly serves all survivors – regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, immigration status, or any other ethos.”

As part of our initiative, Green Koi, in collaboration with Goldkine, aims to raise awareness and bolster support for Resilience’s transformative work. By doing this, we hope to foster a community environment that is safe, fair, and nurturing for everyone.


Our Mission

Since our entry into Michigan’s vibrant cannabis industry, Green Koi’s mission has been centered around community betterment. We firmly hold the conviction that cannabis and community are intertwined, and this belief guides our operations. Our core values revolve around inclusivity, representation, and meeting the needs of diverse individuals that make up our community.


The Green Koi-Goldkine Partnership

We’re excited to have partnered with Goldkine, a highly-regarded cannabis brand. Goldkine was established by a group of lifelong friends passionate about becoming some of Michigan’s top cannabis growers.

About Goldkine, via their website:

“Goldkine has arrived as Michigan’s premier luxury cannabis brand. To realize our vision of unparalleled products and reliable service, Goldkine combines the collective skills of our diverse founding members. Goldkine’s family-oriented founders are bonded by a collective drive to produce the hand crafted cannabis which lies at the very foundation of our business. Goldkine’s sophisticated grow facility is located in Warren, Michigan with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of educated professionals.

The Goldkine brand is more than a label. Looking to the future, we will sustain our market distinction through unwavering dedication to our values and standards. Pairing quality flower with best practices and consistent service, we aim to extend our reach not only to our loyal customers but to our communities by supporting local charities.”

Their dedication to quality, innovation, and integrity mirrors our values at Green Koi. Through this partnership, we can deliver outstanding cannabis products while simultaneously supporting Resilience. Thanks to our collaboration, a percentage of the sales from Goldkine’s premium cannabis products will be donated directly to Resilience.


people laughing and talking outside during daytimeSupport Resilience & the Community

By choosing Green Koi and Goldkine’s high-quality cannabis, you’re also supporting an incredibly meaningful cause – the fight against domestic and sexual abuse. We are pleased to announce that 10% of all proceeds from Goldkine cannabis products will be donated to Resilience until August 31st.

Make sure to look out for give-aways this July and August when purchasing Goldkine products and you may win some cool quality merchandise.


Working Towards A Safer, More Compassionate World through Cannabis — Blue Star Bash 2023

Let’s not forget this year’s Blue Star Bash—Resilience’s annual fundraiser which will be held on July 27 in scenic Saugatuck. For $100, enjoy live performances from Desmond Jones, mouth-watering food from Waffle Stix, Pizza Parliament, Tiki Boiz, and delicious drinks. More details are available at

Your contribution and purchase directly work towards Resilience’s mission of ending domestic and sexual abuse. For those eager to give a little more, consider donating to help their efforts. Together, with every purchase and donation, we inch closer towards creating a more compassionate, safe world for everyone.

Also, be sure to connect with both of our esteemed partners on their various social media channels:

Goldkine: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Resilience: Facebook, Instagram

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