Leading Ladies: Meet Kate Schrank, Queen of Craft Cannabis

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The Green Koi family is proud to introduce you to Kate Schrank, owner and operator of the fully woman owned brand of her making, Old Dune Farm, where sustainability and craft cannabis meet under one roof. Join us in learning more about Kate and her fantastic company!

Interview with Kate Schrank, owner of Old Dune Farm.

Q: Could you tell us a little about yourself and your farm?

My name is Kate Schrank, and I’m the owner and operator of Old Dune Farm – a 100% woman owned, licensed wholesale cannabis grow facility in Grand Junction, Michigan.

I am currently starting my 5th year as a licensed cannabis grower in Michigan, a state so special for supporting an intentionally small craft business like mine in the cannabis sector, alongside the large vertically integrated and multistate cannabis companies. There is room for both, giving consumers the opportunity to be better served by the exceptional products offered by craft businesses.

Q: What Were You Doing Prior to Starting Old Dune Farm?

Before I started Old Dune Farm, I worked as an environmental lawyer and sustainability consultant. That background helped me create and implement my business plan to thrive within the cannabis sector as a small business within a stringent legal scheme that, like environmental law, is also highly regulatory and complex. Cannabis farms can have a large environmental footprint due to energy costs, crop inputs, and water usage, so I developed my business plan to grow great tasting cannabis with a focus on controlling major risks and costs, to provide a standout product at a reasonable price.

From the beginning, I planned to build an intentionally small business that supports my lifestyle, that I would find interesting and enjoyable but wouldn’t take over my life. When the 2016 medical cannabis law passed, I was tired of having a corporate career that went up and down depending upon the political winds.

Q: What was your motivation to start Old Dune Farm?

My dad. He had recently passed from Parkinson’s, and I had been overseeing his care for 8 years. I never gave him cannabis as it was illegal at the time, and I didn’t understand how he could have benefited from it. After he died, I consulted on a $30 million cannabis medical license project in New York, where I learned for the first time about the endocannabinoid system, and why cannabis can be effective for people with neurological disorders like Parkinson’s. My heart dropped when I first understood how cannabis would likely have given my Dad the relief he needed.

Q: Where Did the Name Old Dune Farm Originate?

Old Dune Farm got its name from its location – it sits on top of an old sand dune left behind by ancient glaciers that carved out and created Lake Michigan.

Q: Why Cannabis?

In 2016, our children were raised, and my husband and I were enjoying spending as much time as we could on our Michigan farm as we were drawn to a simpler and quieter lifestyle. I discovered that I really wanted to operate a small homestead on our land, so I followed the development of Michigan’s medical cannabis program and was pleased to learn that it supported small businesses in the sector. The more I studied the Michigan cannabis law and regulations, the more I saw how it could work on our farmland.

Although I had not previously grown cannabis, I had a lifetime of experience growing vegetables, flowers, and tropical plants, and took horticulture classes, and cannabis grow classes. I worked as a caregiver for two years, and then obtained one of the first medical cannabis grow licenses in the State of Michigan, and now own a Class B recreational use grow license, and I am proud to say that I am one among a few women cannabis owners and operators in the industry.

Q: What Sets You Apart from Other Cannabis Growers?

We are beginning our 5th year as an intentionally small cannabis grower with a focus on craft and sustainability. To offset our energy footprint, our LED lights are supported by a small solar array, and we organically grow our cannabis indoors in living soil flower beds. Experienced cannabis users know that cannabis grown organically in living soil simply tastes and smells better than cannabis grown by other methods. Our full flower pre-rolls are made without shake, kief or infused flavors, helping our products stand out to our customers.



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