Discover the Magic of Giving Tree Gardens: Hydroponic Excellence Meets Pure Cannabis Experience

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Greetings from your Green Koi family! Our journey to explore the captivating world of cannabis is an adventure we take together. As we tread this path, it’s our constant triumph to connect you with the extraordinary brands that make our community thrive. 

One such remarkable name on our esteemed list of vendors is Giving Tree Gardens, a champion of hydroponically grown, premium quality cannabis flower. And this month, it’s our pleasure to illuminate their work and ethos.

Talking Hydroponics

For the budding connoisseurs amongst you, let’s talk hydroponics. This technique of cultivating plants (in this case, the cannabis flower) in water fortified by mineral nutrients triumphs in purity, quality, and sustainability. It trades traditional soil for a controlled environment that’s a haven for clean, robust, and potent growth. It’s no wonder that Giving Tree Gardens have made such a splash among enthusiasts and beginners alike.

About Giving Tree Gardens

person holding up giving tree gardens cannabis product with tree backdrop

All of the Giving Tree’s cannabis plants are lovingly raised in this hydroponic splendor. Their commitment to this method reflects their broader drive for quality – a commitment that we, at Green Koi, deeply resonate with. Their ‘garden-to-fingertips’ dedication ensures that every cannabis bloom is pure, potent, free of pollutants, and generously laden with beneficial compounds. It’s a garden where science, passion, and respect for Mother Nature come together in a beautiful symphony.

It’s magic, but not the ‘abracadabra’ type. It’s a magic rooted in dedication, innovation, and a deep-seated respect for our shared earth. Giving Tree Gardens is a brand that doesn’t simply exist to produce cannabis – it strives to advance the entire cannabis experience, taking it above and beyond. Let’s learn more about this amazing company:

Q: Why the name Giving Tree Gardens?

A: Our owners have always loved the message behind Shel Silverstein’s book “The Giving Tree” and thought it was a perfect play on words.

Q: Why hydro and how does it set you apart?

A: We believe that hydro is a better, cleaner, and more consistent method of cultivation. Only a small portion of the market uses this method because it’s hard to perfect––but we have invested years mastering our craft to ensure a top-quality product. When perfected, we believe it produces a premium product, in a category all on its own.

Q: Who owns and operates Giving Tree Gardens?

A: We are a family owned and operated grow. Chris Jindo owns Giving Tree Gardens and his siblings (Jason and Candace) are involved in operations and sales.

Q: What experience in cannabis did all of you have prior to Giving Tree Gardens?

A: Our owner’s brother, Jason, has been a connoisseur of marijuana for many years and always grew hydroponically. He was very excited for the opportunity to grow on a larger scale.

person holding up giving tree cannabis pre roll tube over a flower backdrop

Green Koi Rec & Med Cannabis Dispensary — Helping You Explore Natural Wellness 

And now, as a cherished part of our Green Koi community, you can enjoy this excellent commitment to cannabis quality. We’re not only proud to feature the premium flower from Giving Tree Gardens at our dispensary but ecstatic to share their inspiring approach and backstory with you. We believe their philosophy aligns beautifully with our aim – to create a diverse, open-minded, and community-centric cannabis experience.

So, dear Green Koi family, whether you’re looking for something to elevate your creativity, comfort your mind, or enhance your well-being, the flora from Giving Tree Gardens is here to cater to you.

After all, in our shared garden of community and cannabis, every bud (and brand) does its part to make the scenario more beautiful, more vibrant, and more inclusive. Whoever you are, wherever you originate from, you have a space here with us – in our safe, welcoming, quality-focused Green Koi family. Here’s to exploring, learning, and growing together!

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