Why Minor Cannabinoids Are Important to Self-Care & Wellness

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In the verdant landscape of cannabis wellness, we’ve all heard about THC and CBD – the celebrity compounds known for their distinctive attributes. However, these two star players represent only a fraction of the intricately interconnected network of chemical components called cannabinoids. Specifically, they are members of a team comprising 113 identified cannabinoids, each uniquely contributing to the holistic cannabis experience. Just as in a community where every member brings something to the table, these lesser-known, or “minor,” cannabinoids play crucial roles that cannot be overlooked.

Let’s explore the importance of some of these minor cannabinoids in the context of self-care and wellness!


CBG: The Mother of All Cannabinoids

Let’s begin our exploration with CBG or Cannabigerol. Known as the ‘Mother of all Cannabinoids,’ CBG serves as a potent catalyst, actively contributing to the creation of other primary cannabinoids, including THC and CBD. It’s an intriguing compound that lays the foundation for the multifaceted power of cannabis.


CBN: The Night Owl’s Companion

CBN, or Cannabinol, is an oxidization product of THC, often found in aged cannabis. Preliminary research suggests that it might have a soothing effect. Picture CBN as a glowing moonbeam in the night, softly illuminating the quiet hours, and potentially helping to instill a sense of tranquility.


CBC: The Well-being Ally

CBC, short for Cannabichromene, may not command as much attention as its cannabinoid siblings, but you should not overlook this under-the-radar compound. While CBC doesn’t bind as strongly with our body’s Endocannabinoid System’s primary receptors, CB1 and CB2, it interacts with other receptors to potentially deliver nuanced effects.

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The Power Lies in the Ensemble

In the orchestra of cannabinoids, each component has its own instrument to play. Just as every note counts in a symphony, the collective action of all cannabinoids (major and minor) gives rise to the theory of ‘Entourage Effect.’ This theory suggests that the simultaneous action of all the chemical constituents in cannabis enhances the overall wellness potential of the plant, like a celestial choir where every voice harmonizes to uplift the melody.


What About Dosage?

When it comes to incorporating minor cannabinoids into your wellness routine, it’s about hitting the right notes in tune with your body’s unique requirements. You’ve heard us at Green Koi saying this before – “Start low, go slow,” holds true in this realm as well. 

Embracing the essence of self-care is about honoring your individual journey and remembering that it should always be customized to meet your distinctive needs and desires. Your wellness pathway is as unique as the combination of stars that light up your personal corner of the cosmos, so it’s essential to appreciate and celebrate these differences.

When you embark upon any self-care routine, take the time to truly listen to your body, mind, and soul as you explore what serves you best.


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At Green Koi, our commitment is to you, our multifaceted and vibrant community. We’re passionate about bringing you excellent quality cannabis products, just as we’re excited about sharing insights into the fascinating world of cannabis. Whether you’re seasoned in your cannabis journey or are just beginning to explore the stars, we’re here with you, every step of the way.

Remember, the cannabis universe only gets bigger and fascinating with minor cannabinoids entering the frame. Dive in, explore, ask questions, and remember to enjoy this journey of discovery and wellness.

So, next time before you let the brilliance of THC and CBD eclipse your view, take a moment and turn your telescope towards the quiet brilliance of minor cannabinoids – they have a world of untapped potential waiting to be explored!

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